You tired of ordinary rectangular multi-driver speakers
with their boxy, disjointed and poorly intgrated sound? … IT’S TIME TO “GET CURVI-ED!!!”

review / 13 March, 2023

Chris Beeching, in his review on the Ear Online, found the Curvi BMR mk2 “Mesmerising. Absolutely mesmerising.  No other description fits”…  And he did not want to return them: “I really will rue the day when this pair has to be returned, and sadly that will be all too soon.”

Curvi-BMR mk.2 / 31st August, 2022

Come and see the Curvi-BMR mk. 2 at the UK Audio Show, Daventry, 8th and 9th October 2022 – we will be in Syndicate Room 32

Curvi-BMR Evolution to Mark 2 – 18th August 2022

Curvi HiFi continually strive to improve their designs – complacency is not an option for us, despite excellent reviews.  Improvements to the Curvi-BMR are based on user partly on user feedback and the designer’s own observations

StereoNET review / 21st February, 2020

At the Bristol Show, Chris Liauw of Curvi-HiFi was presented with the StereoNET Applause Award by Jay Garrett Editor of StereoNET UK. David Price had the Curvi-BMRs in his review system for a longer than normal period of time…  Please see the StereoNET review here.


The refreshing open sound of the Curvi speakers is due to the use of a single full range drive unit that is the best of its type, combined with a cabinet that is able to rapidly dissipate vibrational energy as heat, and effectively utilise low frequency energy that comes from the back of the drive unit to reinforce the overall bass response.

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Designer of the Curvi speakers